Bradcast my cam

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The controls are simple, the direct connection to the computer means you don’t have to worry about power sources, and no capture card is required.

Using a webcam for live streaming adds very little to the complexity of the operation.

Capture cards can be internal or external devices, with the internal versions generally a bit cheaper and sometimes offering more advanced functions, while external capture cards offer plug-and-play simplicity and don’t require you to perform surgery on your computer. It’s also important to ensure that your capture card will work with your camera’s input.

Webcams are built into most computers or they may be separate items that connect to the computer via USB.

If you just need to embed video of a conference or lecture to provide information to viewers, webcams might provide all the power you need.

For serious professional quality video, though, you should consider other options.

In addition to the camera itself being more expensive than most IP cameras, this option requires a capture card to facilitate using the camera for live streaming.

A capture card is a separate device connected to a computer that converts the video signal into a form that can be used for live streaming.

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