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Standing with its feet apart, a penguin slowly raises its head, pointing the beak upwards.

Wings lifted outward, the chest heaves with an inhale of air, followed by a loud braying sound.

Breeding pairs in the wild dig burrows in guano or sand, or build nests under bushes and boulders, but past guano collection by people has made suitable burrow territory harder to come by.

Conservation efforts in Africa include ongoing monitoring of population trends, and introducing artificial nesting structures.

Through pointing (when a penguin lowers its body to the ground and point its beak at another penguin), biting, fighting and braying, dominant birds (usually older) establish a pecking order, and will literally put a juvenile bird in its place by chasing or herding if they feel challenged.

Water and air temperatures in the exhibit also change to mimic natural seasonal cycles.

Though the Academy's penguin colony is healthy and growing, their wild relatives aren't faring as well.

This display is most frequently seen and heard when a penguin has wandered into another’s territory.

It communicates territory ownership, identifies the penguin (each bird’s bray is unique) and often draws the mate back to their territory.

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