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You can also negotiate a week-long bar fine and rate if you decide you’d like her to be your travel companion – for bargirls like nothing more than a free trip to Phuket.

But be forewarned; they can be relentless in their efforts to stack your bill and don’t be surprised if it all adds up to five figures by the end, with absurd charges (e.g. There’s a handful along , likely monopolised by a mafia, with the same rip off experience, tatty rooms, obnoxious girls and large bouncer waiting for you to argue over the bill.The best place to meet these girls is on Then you have to negotiate with the girls.This is done in the bar before you pay the bar fine, and usually starts with ‘you go with me? Girls will go back to a hotel with you for as little as a 1,000 Baht if its ‘slow’ (i.e., lots more girls than tourists in the bar), or you’re not too old, podgy and ugly.They will also offer you ‘short time’ (a few hours) or long time (all night) depending on what you’re willing to pay.The more sexy and popular the girl is the more she’ll ask for, so it’s worth trying your luck with several girls to get an idea first.

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