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Their latest round was a second Series E round of million from IGM Financial (to join a May 2016 investment of million).

Here's CEO Bill Harris giving an overview of Personal Capital: The Transactions menu item is where you'll find the budgeting tools that Personal Capital recently added.

The business has two components: a free personal finance aggregation tool and a paid advisory service.

This review will look only at the aggregation tool side as I haven't used the paid advisory service.

Here's a shot of the All Income Cash Flow chart: Like any tool there are a few hiccups to adjust post-transaction, especially when you transfer between accounts, but it's a quick adjustment.

Until you do that, you sometimes get wildly crazy numbers. Here's what I see under Portfolio - Holdings: This snapshot was taken in the afternoon on January 12th, 2016 (other screenshots are more recent, this one hadn't changed so I left the original) and the market had been crushed the last 30 days the first few days of 2016).

It's free, it's well designed and what started as a test run in Fall 2015 has become my permanent solution (it's my favorite of the Mint alternatives).

I use Personal Capital as a way to quickly collect brokerage investing and banking data for my Net Worth Record, a spreadsheet I use to track our family's net worth.

I can click on one of the boxes and it can give me an even granular breakdown: If you click down one more level, it starts telling you the actual holding and the amounts you have.For a very brief moment, many years ago, I tried Quicken and subsequently Mint.They were all OK — but they didn't play nicely with my brokerage accounts.Many other tools started as a budgeting tool that added on an investment component.Personal Capital started as an investment tool that added in budgeting.

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