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Dimitri also talks of Mikhail in a more positive tongue.

When the Cold War ended in 1991; both Mikhail and Dimitri began selling hashish to tourists in Red Square, Moscow.

This week hackers released dozens of more celebrity nudes, including Tiger Woodsand his ex, Lindsay Vonn, as well as Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart.

For her part, Vonn quickly released a statement calling the hacking “despicable.” “Lindsey will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect and enforce her rights and interests,” reads a statement Vonn released to Variety.

Both men had multiple murder convictions by this time.

Mikhail "exploited a loophole in the immigration treaty to gain US residency in the late 90s" - relocating to Hove Beach in Liberty City with Dimitri, Ilyena, and Anna.

Mikhail Faustin was born and raised in the Soviet Union.

He met a man named Dimitri Rascalov while serving in the military during the Cold War in 1987, and they were later cellmates in a Siberian prison camp.

Kenny contacts Dimitri and explains that setting Mikhail up to be killed will ultimately restore order.

Niko immediately goes to the Perestroika, where he finds Mikhail.

After a bloody shootout between Niko and members of Mikhail's gang, Mikhail is finally meets his maker on the rooftop, where he falls to his death after being shot.

It’s like clockwork: Every few months, a hacker releases a new batch of celebrity nudes, burning up the Internet in the process.

The most infamous case, of course, was the i Cloud hack of 2014, which saw illegally obtained photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, and others spread around like wildfire.

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