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Active development and contributions happen in our Git Hub repositories under dev branch and each month there will be a master merge (monthly release) with more comprehensive testing and communications.Latest activities and future plans are covered in our monthly community calls which are open for anyone from the community. This is work done by the community for the community without any actual full time people.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around Pn P program or this blog post, please use the Microsoft Tech Community (Share Point Developer group).Speakychat Windows 10 Sesli sohbet İnternet exloprer nasıl giriş sağlayabilirim ?Windows 10 Bilgimiz gibidevamını oku Sesliizdvaç Odasına Katılan Kullanıcılarımız Bay Bayan Evlendirme Odamız da Sevgili Yapabileceginiz Sesli izdivaç odasına ücretsiz olarak katılabilirsiniz.It’s been great to find both internal and external people who are willing to assist and share their learning's for the benefit of others.This way we can build on the common knowledge of us all.

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