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I know he talks about me on the game all the time, all the players know he is married I have myself spoken to a few of them. ANd I am angry with him for betraying me like this. I am here because I truly need to feel supported right now..thoughts?

And I feel like I am constantly grasping at straws and feeling like he doesn't care even though he says he does because he wants to "figure things out" first and then draw a conclusion.

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Marriage and raising a family can be hard and tiring and frustrating. However, the more we understand ourselves, the better we can communicate, and foster successful relationships with the people we care about.These events became an intrical part of his life to the point where he was declining going out and doing social things so that he would not miss events or if he did go out or spend time with myself or friends he would always cut it short so that he could be home in time for his online events.I was upset by this, and I spoke with him about it but I did not wish to sound like a nag, (it's not like I did'nt KNOW this is how he enjoyed spending free time in the past) I just became upset when I felt like it was impedeing on our real life.Members of our marriage family support group have access to the latest in social network technology including a dedicated activity stream, forum and chat room.In addition, members can participate in the larger wellness challenge through our inspirational wellness tools: wellness tracker, friend reminders, mood mapping and kudos.

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