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In the first case the means is so necessary to salvation that without it (absolute necessity) or its substitute (relative necessity), even if the omission is guiltless, the end cannot be reached.

Thus faith and baptism of water are necessary by a necessity of means, the former absolutely, the latter relatively, for salvation.

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In Logic, the Schoolmen, studying the mutual relations of concepts which form the matter of our judgments, divided the judgments or propositions into judgments in necessary matter ( in materia necessaria ), and judgments in contingent matter ( in materia contingenti ). Such is the case with primary truths, metaphysical, and mathematical principles. The different beings which we observe in our daily experience are subject to beginning, to change, to perfection, and to destruction; existence is not essential to them and they have not in themselves the reason of their existence ; they are contingent.The concept of it applies to all dogs, whatever might be the medley of particular properties possessed by each material dog.Plato proposed that there is a real world of universals or concepts, while what is material must be a mere reflection of reality.Plato realized that the intelligible is immaterial by identifying a fundamental difference between the intelligible and the material.The intelligible is universal, while the material is particular.

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