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The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad had its terminus at Richmond.Richmond was founded and incorporated in 1905, carved out of Rancho San Pablo, from which the nearby town of San Pablo inherited its name.Under the Mc Laughlin Administration, Richmond was the largest city in the United States served by a Green Party mayor. The largest, Richmond, Virginia, is the namesake of the California city.The name "Richmond" appears to predate actual incorporation by more than fifty years.

Los Angeles San Diego Santa Clara San Francisco Houston San Antonio Dallas Jacksonville Miami New York Chicago New York Philadelphia Columbus Detroit Atlanta Charlotte Newark Virginia Beach Seattle Boston Indianapolis Phoenix Memphis Kansas City Baltimore Milwaukee Minneapolis Denver Birmingham Columbia New Orleans Louisville Portland Oklahoma City Bridgeport Des Moines Jackson Little Rock Wichita Salt Lake City Las Vegas Albuquerque Charleston Charleston Omaha Boise City Honolulu Portland Manchester Barrington Billings Wilmington Sioux Falls Anchorage Fargo Burlington Cheyenne Washington, D. The bishop kept a toll-house where one of the main northward roads out of London entered his land.A number of pubs sprang up along the route, one of which, the Gatehouse, commemorates the toll-house.Highgate Hill, the steep street linking Archway (traditionally called part of Upper Holloway) and Highgate village, was the route of the first cable car to be built in Europe. Like much of London, Highgate suffered damage during World War II by German air raids. On Friday 26 August 1988, Michael Williams, a 43-year-old father from Highgate who worked for the Home Office in Pimlico, disappeared whilst travelling back home after an employee social. Highgate Cemetery is the burial place of Communist philosopher Karl Marx, Michael Faraday, Douglas Adams, George Eliot, Jacob Bronowski, Sir Ralph Richardson, Christina Rossetti, Sir Sidney Nolan, Alexander Litvinenko, Malcolm Mc Laren, Radclyffe Hall, Joseph Wolf and singer-songwriter George Michael.Between 19 Highgate was part of the Hampstead and Highgate constituency.

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