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Nyní se můžete podívat na fotky žen žijící ve vašem okolí.

Ještě jednou vás žádáme, abyste uchovali jejich totožnost v utajení.

Increasingly less so, social interactions would become paralysed unless people were properly introduced and so could determine one's social position with regards one another, fear of behaving inappropriately to one's own position leading to an outright refusal to interact with strangers.

Music public relations expert Alan Edwards says: “There’s not a particularly obvious music undercurrent out there right now and you have to ask would there have been a Roxy without punk music, a Hacienda without the Manchester scene or a Gossips without the popularity of reggae?

” Inner city railway arches that might once have made an ideal club venue are now attracting other forms of property speculation.

Even famous London dance-music clubs such as Turnmills, Bagley’s and The End have succumbed to a process that has seen the UK's total portfolio of nightclubs shrink by almost half from 3,144 in 2005 to 1,733 a decade later.

The statistic from the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) is a signal not just of the effect of the smoking ban and the imposition of student loans but of a fundamental shift in the way a new generation chooses to spend its entertainment budget.

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