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“After the ‘mattress piece’ was introduced, I can’t tell you how many times I judged a competition where a mattress was dragged onto the floor,” she says.

“A lot of them had a different premise and that’s fine.

A: We've found the best way to attract qualified applicants for teaching positions at our studio is to be as specific as possible with our expectations, while communicating what makes our studio a great place to work.

Here's an example of a job description we've used when seeking teachers: Kathy Blake Dance Studios is seeking new instructors to join our faculty.

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Especially in the age of social media, there are some simple ways to protect yourself from copycats.

“What usually happens in that situation is that particular number will not go on to championship, and it won’t be eligible for an overall top score.” Learn to Let It Go Though it’s essential to take precautions and to keep a sharp eye out for copiers, make sure concerns about choreography theft don’t interfere with creating and presenting your best work. When you look objectively at your piece, do you have the sense that you are copying it, or have you given it your own personal twist? Before setting the movement, Ashley Zelano, choreographer and artistic director at the Fierce Dance Academy in New Castle, Delaware, took a cautious approach with the 11 teenage dancers.

“We’ve had people copy our ideas,” says teacher and choreographer Jennifer Jarnot, co-owner of the Artistic Fusion Dance Academy in Colorado and a judge for national dance competitions. —MEH Source: Julia Haye, entertainment lawyer Most dancers are taught from a young age that no matter what happens onstage, the show must go on! The song describes the despair felt in a relationship where one party can't fully commit.

But, says Haye, “when you put a series of words together, they become paragraphs and therefore copyrightable.

For example, everyone might be doing à la seconde turns into leaps, but are they then rolling out of that and into the same stylistic moves?

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