Dating body type ukraine

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Look at women from other countries and ask yourself: “ Is there any women like Russian?” No, for example lots of American women are lazy, stupid and they haven't got any education.Most of them have got a higher education but many of them prefer a happy family life to their career.They think that husband and child are more important then work and money.It means that only you will bring money to your family.

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You should understand that woman like this can't sit at home with your child and do housework.

I just think that we should spend our precious time and life with people, precious to our hearts – that is because we will not have other life for this I want a real and strong man who will be always with me, who will love, understand and respect me as personality.

I want to create a good family, to live in harmony with a man who has similar views on future. And I do not care what to do with them – reading books, or going to the picnic, or walking along the streets, or anything like that.

When I meet him, I will definitely feel butterflies in my stomach and then understand that this is my man!

For the first time it's even hard to explain, what type of man I need!

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