Dating sim jenna moon light

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People crowd around the car, realizing that strangely there is no driver and that the car was stopped by a large snowball.You question why there would be snow during a sunny day.You also learn that many ayakashi seek your blood, which is the reason why there seemed to be danger surrounding you throughout the course of the day.

You were born with the power to amplify an ayakashi's power by either a kiss or intimacy.Then, someone else comes and offers you his hand to help you off the ground, but his hand is freezing cold.Then, the man who you saw in your “dream" criticizes you for not being careful.When you begin to apologize to them, you think that they are dangerous- since he should not know that you were warned in the first place- and run home.You arrive home and suddenly a fox dives into your bag, eating your dinner, which is Inari sushi.

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