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Recent work has demolished this view The northern end of Wat’s Dyke is generally believed to start at Basingwerk, on the Flintshire coast of the Dee Estuary; the placename suggests that there was once a fortification of some kind here, although no trace now survives.The First Edition Ordnance Survey maps clearly mark its course, though, while Thomas Pennant was able to describe it in 1773.The name of the dyke incorporates either the Old English personal name Wat (which is unlikely given the early spellings) or the name of the folk hero Wade (Old English Wada).There is no reason to suspect that it derives from Old English wet (‘wet’), as has been suggested, but it is highly improbable that he is the same individual commemorated here.

He is found in other Germanic tales, not as a human but as a sea giant.concluded that Wat’s Dyke consisted of three separate stretches of earthwork, with gaps between them.In these places, he surmised, formerly dense forest or deep ravines made a formal barrier unnecessary.Nevertheless, might we speculate that the ‘ Romans’ of Map’s story are the eighth-century Welsh Cymru, ‘citizens’?as Uclingacster (for *Utlingacster), given as the Old English name of Verulamium, St Alban’s.

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