Expat women dating singapore

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They say there that all the Singaporean chicks are looking for the “5 Cs” in a man- cash, credit cards (which are apparently hard to get there), fancy car, condo, and career. If she doesn’t like you right away she probably won’t really work that great as a partner anyway.

Missing one of the aforementioned Cs is grounds for immediate disqualification by these gold diggers. (smile)” does not seem to work on a Singaporean chick like it works on a Dutch chick – she’ll often give you a weird forced-half smile and then just turn her back to you. The only technique that we’ve found that seems to work is to find a mixed group of Singaporeans and talk to the guys in the group while ignoring the chicks until the chicks start to take an interest in you. But don’t lose heart, there’s plenty of other chicks in town.

That’s what the non-millionaire locals do for food in Singapore and it’s a much better option.

Everything is expensive in Singapore, especially housing.

The second major problem with Singapore are the local chicks.

Taxis are OK, although it seems like there’s a surcharge pretty much for everything – rush hour surcharge, night surcharge, city center surcharge, airport, etc.Buying a cheap happy hour drink for one of those guys can often pay off in spades. Flasking – Singapore is usually a safe place, so they won’t pat you down when you get to the club.That’s good, because I always bring a flask or water bottle filled with vodka or some other high proof spirit with me to the club and then add that to ice or my rare purchased drink. Happy Hours – Singapore has some pretty good deals (by Singapore standards) for happy hour, like buy one get one drinks, cheap jugs of beer, etc.You’re better off taking the MRT (Metro) and buses which are everywhere and cheap.Get a SGD (.50 USD) rechargeable card for SGD ( SGD) and refill as necessary with the pocketfuls of change you will accumulate everywhere.

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