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It was Emily, one of his best friends whom he’d known all the way back through high school. “She’s doing really well.” Emily turned and centered her brandy-brown eyes on Brian. And there really was some tiny part of the old Chloe still in existence, maybe there might still be a chance after all. “And we told her not to.” “You told her not to.” “Yes. Her coming back right now is not a good idea for you two.” Brian took a deep breath, nodding. When it had arrived, months later, he even still hoped it would help reconcile their differences and he’d stashed the package behind shoe boxes in the top of his closet. Give it to a cutie who didn’t pre-register, pick some hot little chica right outta the line for convention passes. ” Emily said, pouting and jabbing his chest with her finger. Hell, if we weren’t like brother and sister by now I’d be into you. “Oh no.” “Ohhh yeaaah,” she mimed in her low-pitched fruit-drink pitcher bursting through a wall impression. From a shrine or something, but it’s legit from Japan so you just know it’s the real deal.” “Emily, I heard Sam got that from a vending machine.” “Okay, she got it at a vending machine... Then a forever-alone otaku neet lost his yen to the machine and tried to tip it over, but was crushed under the machine. Stephanie’s outfit was patterned on Flamituff, a fast flame-element rabbit. ” she affirmed cheerfully, determined to be ready this time. Her petite, somewhat underdeveloped body was often the subject of her self-deprecating humor, she dressed in stylish clothes containing anime references, and she usually sported an infectiously adorable grin. I’ll be okay.” “You’d better,” she affirmed, squeezing him tightly. Oh, wow,” Emily muttered, looking past him into the ransacked and half-emptied apartment. Well, they did all share the same basic circle of friends, this was bound to get all kinds of awkward. “That’s what I was told to tell you; that she’s doing great. Leaving you is the only thing she’s done right lately. “So I wait for her.” “Brian...” Emily sighed, putting her hand on his shoulder. Now it was just another painful reminder and waste of money. The charm had been given to Emily by her cousin Samantha as a good luck charm, but when Brian had looked up the kanji, it had humorously turned out to read “Harem charm,” and became an inside joke around their circle of friends. She’d whipped up a pink and red scheme for a sleeveless sundress on her sewing machine and glued rabbit-like ears onto a hidden headband. Brian drew his fantasy pistol with a flourish this time, gun-spinning it around his trigger finger and snapping it to a stop perfectly aimed for his action pose. The camera flashed, followed by another camera, and then another. Being attracted to her meant he was objectifying her. Hurting her feelings was tantamount to abuse, whether or not it was intentional. The Anime Con pavilion was spacious and bright, lit by an enormous array of skylights. “I had fun,” Stephanie blurted out, suddenly wanting to say a dozen things but lacking courage to voice most of them. Just a few minutes later, his phone throbbed in his pocket, and then began to play the Fantasy Wars victory theme. His pace faltered and his smile abruptly drained away at what he saw, and the con-goers walking behind him jostled into him for a moment.

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His eyebrows were dark, his eyes a mottled shade of green that made him look intelligent and engaging ... “It’s so crowded...” Her blue eyes fluttered behind her glasses.

“And the truth is, what people think of me in light of this is far less important than what people think of women who continue to come forward to tell their stories. And they deserve to know that I am their ally and supporter.

I have let them down and am committed to making it up to them.” That sounds more like the Al Franken I’ve always admired, the guy who wrote several books that are on my shelves.

I’m here stuck in the middle between you two translating; It’s over between you and Chloe. He stood with his jaw set for a long, tense moment before nodding.

And as usual, Megan’s toothy grin had an indecent feeling to it. So much more is happening to me when we kiss then just something with my hair. ” A grinning brunette girl wearing a skimpy stage magician’s outfit asked in a southern drawl. Finally they fell firmly in place at his side and she was fully embracing him.

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