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"The staff have said they're going to keep you in overnight in case you have concussion." "Are you going to stop me from hanging around with Paul because of this? " mom said as her orgasm hit, her face contorting in agony as her body convulsed and twitched and her back arched.

" I asked knowing mom was upset about what had happened. The headboard smacked loudly as mom then shouted "Jesus!

Due to her large tits mom always wore baggy shirts and jumpers to hide them. Looking up at mom I could see her with her eyes closed in deep thought concentrating on what she was doing and making sure it was for her benefit.

Her hair was blonde and wavy down to her shoulders, and despite having had 3 kids and being 37 she didn't look it. After around 10 minutes, mom's movements became more rigorous and violent as she started her approach to orgasm for a second time.

After a while mom returned and put both cups of tea on the floor next to the sofa that I was sitting on and then she sat down next to me, her body and knees facing towards me so she could talk, it was now that I had a nervous feeling come over me which made my heart beat faster from the impending conversation mom had indicated to me earlier in the car.

After helping me take a sip of tea mom got down to business.

Not having gone to the toilet since the day before I told a her that I needed to go and she obliged by helping me off the bed the pulling down my boxers and letting me shuffle over to a table with an urinal carton placed upon it.

After a bit of a struggle while I swung my hips side to side I managed to put my cock in the end.

I'm sure that's the reason since then that I've always gone for blonde haired woman, in fact my friends were all dead jealous and called her a 'yummy mummy'. Both mom and dad are tall, dad's 6ft 2in while mom's 6ft which didn't make it surprising that at the age of 13 when the accident happened I was already 5ft in height. As she did this mom's tits rubbed along my chest, her nipples gauging at me then came to a halt around 8 inches below my chin giving me a splendid view of them as I waited for mom to start her motions. Mom had a gorgeous hourglass figure with a size 16 dress size with sexy curvy hips and large tits which as you will read on I later found out to be double E cups. Mom then started her thrusting motions, rocking herself back and forth forcefully causing the bed to judder and squeak as her pubic area collided in rhyme with my own sending impact tremors through my body, making a slapping sound as it did. Having an empty bladder wasn't my only relief as I knew only too well that mom was on her way and it would've been almost unbearable for me to let mom to see me like this. "Good, I don't want you cummin yet" mom asked virtually struggling to talk through her breathlessness as she then groaned. Mom was already there at 8 o'clock when he came round, and after a quick once over I was given the all clear to go.

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