Dating between catholics and protestants

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Both Protestants and Catholics are more opposed to abortion than the general population.It may seem disconcerting, but could it not also be a call to greater religious harmony?The reason was that both were committed to making the marriage work, no matter what obstacles were in their path.There isn't just one right person for you in this world. Out of 6 billion people currently living it would take you thousands of years on average to find the right one!Since then, a couple of readers asked me an interesting question for which I didn’t have an answer: “What would the Protestant Reformers have said about the issue?

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Suppose there is a Protestant man and a Catholic woman. Traditionally there is opposition to the engagement, but is there a biblical reason behind it today? However, in her heart the situation was unacceptable as it was in mine. We’ve reached a climax that made it impossible to continue dating. Since we work at and for the same company, we met each other regularly.The truth is that there are thousands of woman whom you could happily marry.You simply need to find the one with whom you are willing to spend effort making her happy, while she is willing to spend effort making you happy. To see if we basically agree about life and where we want to head in life. Possibly, but only if both of you resolve your differences.Following is a copy of the sixteenth-century English version translated from Peter Martyr’s Latin by Anthonie Marten (London: Henry Denham and Henry Middleton, 1583), a summary using the words of the text, and a few interpretive comments.“Let us chiefly examine whether the parties which are to be joined in matrimony, do agree together in the chief points of religion.” It is interesting to consider these tenets in the light of what today we would identify as “evangelical distinctives.” On the whole, they are compatible notwithstanding the omission of the doctrine of Scripture alone, which Peter Martyr seems to assume.

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