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pdl-datastream 9100/tcp Printer PDL Data Stream pdl-datastream 9100/udp Printer PDL Data Stream # Stuart Cheshire September 2002 bacula-dir 9101/tcp Bacula Director bacula-dir 9101/udp Bacula Director bacula-fd 9102/tcp Bacula File Daemon bacula-fd 9102/udp Bacula File Daemon bacula-sd 9103/tcp Bacula Storage Daemon bacula-sd 9103/udp Bacula Storage Daemon # Kern Sibbald August 2005 # 9132-9159 Unassigned apani1 9160/tcp apani1 apani1 9160/udp apani1 apani2 9161/tcp apani2 apani2 9161/udp apani2 apani3 9162/tcp apani3 apani3 9162/udp apani3 apani4 9163/tcp apani4 apani4 9163/udp apani4 apani5 9164/tcp apani5 apani5 9164/udp apani5 # Neal Taylor November 2005 # 9192-9199 Unassigned wap-wsp 9200/tcp WAP connectionless session service wap-wsp 9200/udp WAP connectionless session service wap-wsp-wtp 9201/tcp WAP session service wap-wsp-wtp 9201/udp WAP session service wap-wsp-s 9202/tcp WAP secure connectionless session service wap-wsp-s 9202/udp WAP secure connectionless session service wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/tcp WAP secure session service wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/udp WAP secure session service wap-vcard 9204/tcp WAP v Card wap-vcard 9204/udp WAP v Card wap-vcal 9205/tcp WAP v Cal wap-vcal 9205/udp WAP v Cal wap-vcard-s 9206/tcp WAP v Card Secure wap-vcard-s 9206/udp WAP v Card Secure wap-vcal-s 9207/tcp WAP v Cal Secure wap-vcal-s 9207/udp WAP v Cal Secure # WAP Forum January 2006 oma-mlp 9210/tcp OMA Mobile Location Protocol oma-mlp 9210/udp OMA Mobile Location Protocol oma-mlp-s 9211/tcp OMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure oma-mlp-s 9211/udp OMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure # Hans Rohnert 14 February 2008 swtp-port1 9281/tcp Sofa Ware transport port 1 swtp-port1 9281/udp Sofa Ware transport port 1 swtp-port2 9282/tcp Sofa Ware transport port 2 swtp-port2 9282/udp Sofa Ware transport port 2 # Amir Rapson July 2006 armcenterhttp 9294/tcp ARMCenter http Service armcenterhttp 9294/udp ARMCenter http Service armcenterhttps 9295/tcp ARMCenter https Service armcenterhttps 9295/udp ARMCenter https Service # Eric Thiebaut-George # 9398-9399 Unassigned sec-t4net-srv 9400/tcp Samsung Twain for Network Server sec-t4net-srv 9400/udp Samsung Twain for Network Server sec-t4net-clt 9401/tcp Samsung Twain for Network Client sec-t4net-clt 9401/udp Samsung Twain for Network Client # Dongkeun Kim # 9601-9611 Unassigned streamcomm-ds 9612/tcp Stream Comm User Directory streamcomm-ds 9612/udp Stream Comm User Directory # Brian C.

Wiles # 9613 Unassigned iadt-tls 9614/tcp i ADT Protocol over TLS # Paul A.

Baird July 2003 myblast 3795/tcp my BLAST Mekentosj port myblast 3795/udp my BLAST Mekentosj port # Alexander Griekspoor July 2003 spw-dialer 3796/tcp Spaceway Dialer spw-dialer 3796/udp Spaceway Dialer # Patrick Fisher August 2003 radius-dynauth 3799/tcp RADIUS Dynamic Authorization radius-dynauth 3799/udp RADIUS Dynamic Authorization # RFC 3576 - July 2003 pwgpsi 3800/tcp Print Services Interface pwgpsi 3800/udp Print Services Interface # Harry Lewis March 2004 rap-ip 3813/tcp Rhapsody Interface Protocol rap-ip 3813/udp Rhapsody Interface Protocol # Paul Zander (Philips CFT) March 2004 neto-dcs 3814/tcp net O DCS neto-dcs 3814/udp net O DCS # Martin Bestmann November 2004 acp-discovery 3822/tcp Compute Pool Discovery acp-discovery 3822/udp Compute Pool Discovery acp-conduit 3823/tcp Compute Pool Conduit acp-conduit 3823/udp Compute Pool Conduit acp-policy 3824/tcp Compute Pool Policy acp-policy 3824/udp Compute Pool Policy # Andy Belk 10 July 2007 neteh 3828/tcp Netadmin Systems Event Handler neteh 3828/udp Netadmin Systems Event Handler neteh-ext 3829/tcp Netadmin Systems Event Handler External neteh-ext 3829/udp Netadmin Systems Event Handler External # Jonas Krogell October 2006 spectardata 3834/tcp Spectar Data Stream Service spectardata 3834/udp Spectar Data Stream Service spectardb 3835/tcp Spectar Database Rights Service spectardb 3835/udp Spectar Database Rights Service # Jan Rutger Voorhorst asap-tcp 3863/tcp asap tcp port asap-udp 3863/udp asap udp port # [RFC5352] asap-sctp 3863/sctp asap sctp # [RFC5352] asap-tcp-tls 3864/tcp asap/tls tcp port # [RFC5352] asap-sctp-tls 3864/sctp asap-sctp/tls # [RFC5352] xpl 3865/tcp xpl automation protocol xpl 3865/udp xpl automation protocol # Ian Lowe August 2003 diameter 3868/tcp DIAMETER # 3868/udp Reserved diameter 3868/sctp DIAMETER # RFC3588 ovsam-mgmt 3869/tcp hp OVSAM Mgmt Server Disco ovsam-mgmt 3869/udp hp OVSAM Mgmt Server Disco # Mike Pontillo October 2003 rtc-pm-port 3891/tcp Oracle RTC-PM port rtc-pm-port 3891/udp Oracle RTC-PM port # PV Shivkumar October 2003 pcc-image-port 3892/tcp PCC-image-port pcc-image-port 3892/udp PCC-image-port # Shiro Tamoto October 2003 mupdate 3905/tcp Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) protocol mupdate 3905/udp Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) protocol # [RFC3656] topovista-data 3906/tcp Topo Vista elevation data topovista-data 3906/udp Topo Vista elevation data # Gregg Townsend November 2003 prnrequest 3910/tcp Printer Request Port prnrequest 3910/udp Printer Request Port # Brett Green November 2003 prnstatus 3911/tcp Printer Status Port prnstatus 3911/udp Printer Status Port # Brett Green November 2003 gbmt-stars 3912/tcp Global Maintech Stars gbmt-stars 3912/udp Global Maintech Stars # Harry Goldschmitt November 2003 aftmux 3917/tcp AFT multiplex port aftmux 3917/udp AFT multiples port # Alfred Schmidt November 2003 pktcablemmcops 3918/tcp Packet Cable Multimedia COPS pktcablemmcops 3918/udp Packet Cable Multimedia COPS # Eric Rosenfeld June 20/tcp Connect and Control Protocol for Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Electronic Devices ccp 3947/udp Connect and Control Protocol for Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Electronic Devices # Aaron Myer July 2006 mapper-nodemgr 3984/tcp MAPPER network node manager mapper-nodemgr 3984/udp MAPPER network node manager mapper-mapethd 3985/tcp MAPPER TCP/IP server mapper-mapethd 3985/udp MAPPER TCP/IP server mapper-ws_ethd 3986/tcp MAPPER workstation server mapper-ws_ethd 3986/udp MAPPER workstation server # John C.

Horton August 2005 bv-queryengine 3989/tcp Bind View-Query Engine bv-queryengine 3989/udp Bind View-Query Engine bv-is 3990/tcp Bind View-IS bv-is 3990/udp Bind View-IS bv-smcsrv 3991/tcp Bind View-SMCServer bv-smcsrv 3991/udp Bind View-SMCServer bv-ds 3992/tcp Bind View-Directory Server bv-ds 3992/udp Bind View-Directory Server bv-agent 3993/tcp Bind View-Agent bv-agent 3993/udp Bind View-Agent # David A.

The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535 A value of 0 in the port numbers registry below indicates that no port has been allocated. Rao # 768 Unassigned vid 769/tcp vid 769/udp cadlock 770/tcp cadlock 770/udp rtip 771/tcp rtip 771/udp cycleserv2 772/tcp cycleserv2 772/udp submit 773/tcp notify 773/udp rpasswd 774/tcp acmaint_dbd 774/udp entomb 775/tcp acmaint_transd 775/udp wpages 776/tcp wpages 776/udp # Josyula R.

************************************************************************ * PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: * * * * IESG STATEMENT TO THE IANA * * THE IESG BELIEVES THAT IANA MAY ALLOCATE AN ADDITIONAL PORT IN * * THE 'USER PORT' RANGE TO PROTOCOLS WHOSE CURRENT PORT ALLOCATION * * REQUIRES ACCESS TO A PRIVILEGED PORT. THE IANA WILL ASSIGN * * THE NUMBER FOR THE PORT AFTER YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED. ASSIGNMENT OF A PORT NUMBER DOES NOT IN ANY WAY IMPLY AN * * ENDORSEMENT OF AN APPLICATION OR PRODUCT, AND THE FACT THAT NETWORK * * TRAFFIC IS FLOWING TO OR FROM A REGISTERED PORT DOES NOT MEAN THAT * * IT IS "GOOD" TRAFFIC. Rao # 781-785 Unassigned # 786 Unassigned (Removed 2002-05-08) # 787 Unassigned (Removed 2002-10-08) # 788-799 Unassigned mdbs_daemon 800/tcp mdbs_daemon 800/udp device 801/tcp device 801/udp # 802-809 Unassigned fcp-udp 810/tcp FCP fcp-udp 810/udp FCP Datagram # Paul Whittemore netconf-ssh 830/tcp NETCONF over SSH netconf-ssh 830/udp NETCONF over SSH # [RFC4742] netconf-beep 831/tcp NETCONF over BEEP netconf-beep 831/udp NETCONF over BEEP # [RFC4744] netconfsoaphttp 832/tcp NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS netconfsoaphttp 832/udp NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS # [RFC4743] netconfsoapbeep 833/tcp NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP netconfsoapbeep 833/udp NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP # [RFC4743] # 834-846 Unassigned dhcp-failover2 847/tcp dhcp-failover 2 dhcp-failover2 847/udp dhcp-failover 2 # Bernard Volz gdoi 848/tcp GDOI gdoi 848/udp GDOI # [RFC3547] # 849-859 Unassigned iscsi 860/tcp i SCSI iscsi 860/udp i SCSI # RFC3720 owamp-control 861/tcp OWAMP-Control owamp-control 861/udp OWAMP-Control # [RFC4656] twamp-control 862/tcp Two-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control twamp-control 862/udp Two-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control # [RFC5357] # 863-872 Unassigned rsync 873/tcp rsync rsync 873/udp rsync # Andrew Tridgell ideafarm-door 902/tcp self documenting Telnet Door ideafarm-door 902/udp self documenting Door: send 0x00 for info ideafarm-panic 903/tcp self documenting Telnet Panic Door ideafarm-panic 903/udp self documenting Panic Door: send 0x00 for info # Wo'o Ideafarm # 904-909 Unassigned kink 910/tcp Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK) kink 910/udp Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK) # [RFC4430] xact-backup 911/tcp xact-backup xact-backup 911/udp xact-backup # Bill Carroll apex-mesh 912/tcp APEX relay-relay service apex-mesh 912/udp APEX relay-relay service apex-edge 913/tcp APEX endpoint-relay service apex-edge 913/udp APEX endpoint-relay service # [RFC3340] # 914-988 Unassigned ftps-data 989/tcp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL ftps-data 989/udp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL ftps 990/tcp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL ftps 990/udp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL # Christopher Allen telnets 992/tcp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL telnets 992/udp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL imaps 993/tcp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL imaps 993/udp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL ircs 994/tcp irc protocol over TLS/SSL ircs 994/udp irc protocol over TLS/SSL # Christopher Allen maitrd 997/tcp maitrd 997/udp busboy 998/tcp puparp 998/udp garcon 999/tcp applix 999/udp Applix ac puprouter 999/tcp puprouter 999/udp cadlock2 1000/tcp cadlock2 1000/udp # 1001-1009 Unassigned # 1008/udp Possibly used by Sun Solaris????

THIS ALLOCATION SHOULD NOT * * BE AUTOMATIC, BUT MAY OCCUR UPON APPLICATION BY AN INTERESTED * * PARTY WHOSE APPLICATION WOULD OTHERWISE FIT IANA'S POLICIES. FIREWALL AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS SHOULD * * CHOOSE HOW TO CONFIGURE THEIR SYSTEMS BASED ON THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF * * THE TRAFFIC IN QUESTION, NOT WHETHER THERE IS A PORT NUMBER * * REGISTERED OR NOT. surf 1010/tcp surf surf 1010/udp surf # Joseph Geer # 1011-1020 Reserved exp1 1021/tcp RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*) [RFC4727] exp1 1021/udp RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*) [RFC4727] exp2 1022/tcp RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*) [RFC4727] exp2 1022/udp RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*) [RFC4727] 1023/tcp Reserved 1023/udp Reserved # IANA (*) It is only appropriate to use these values in explicitly- configured experiments; they MUST NOT be shipped as defaults in implementations. REGISTERED PORT NUMBERS The Registered Ports are listed by the IANA and on most systems can be used by ordinary user processes or programs executed by ordinary users. # David Arko ansoft-lm-1 1083/tcp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-1 1083/udp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/tcp Anasoft License Manager ansoft-lm-2 1084/udp Anasoft License Manager webobjects 1085/tcp Web Objects webobjects 1085/udp Web Objects # Andy Belk cplscrambler-lg 1086/tcp CPL Scrambler Logging cplscrambler-lg 1086/udp CPL Scrambler Logging cplscrambler-in 1087/tcp CPL Scrambler Internal cplscrambler-in 1087/udp CPL Scrambler Internal cplscrambler-al 1088/tcp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log cplscrambler-al 1088/udp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log # Richard Corn ff-annunc 1089/tcp FF Annunciation ff-annunc 1089/udp FF Annunciation ff-fms 1090/tcp FF Fieldbus Message Specification ff-fms 1090/udp FF Fieldbus Message Specification ff-sm 1091/tcp FF System Management ff-sm 1091/udp FF System Management # Fieldbus Foundation ardus-trns 1115/tcp ARDUS Transfer ardus-trns 1115/udp ARDUS Transfer ardus-cntl 1116/tcp ARDUS Control ardus-cntl 1116/udp ARDUS Control ardus-mtrns 1117/tcp ARDUS Multicast Transfer ardus-mtrns 1117/udp ARDUS Multicast Transfer # Shinya Abe sacred 1118/tcp SACRED sacred 1118/udp SACRED # RFC3767 bnetgame 1119/tcp Chat/Game Protocol bnetgame 1119/udp Chat/Game Protocol bnetfile 1120/tcp File Transfer Protocol bnetfile 1120/udp File Transfer Protocol # Domain Tech hpvmmcontrol 1124/tcp HP VMM Control hpvmmcontrol 1124/udp HP VMM Control hpvmmagent 1125/tcp HP VMM Agent hpvmmagent 1125/udp HP VMM Agent hpvmmdata 1126/tcp HP VMM Agent hpvmmdata 1126/udp HP VMM Agent # John Morton August 2005 saphostctrl 1128/tcp SAPHost Control over SOAP/HTTP saphostctrl 1128/udp SAPHost Control over SOAP/HTTP saphostctrls 1129/tcp SAPHost Control over SOAP/HTTPS saphostctrls 1129/udp SAPHost Control over SOAP/HTTPS # Muscarella Fabrizio April 2006 casp 1130/tcp CAC App Service Protocol casp 1130/udp CAC App Service Protocol caspssl 1131/tcp CAC App Service Protocol Encripted caspssl 1131/udp CAC App Service Protocol Encripted # Enrique Corujo November 2005 c1222-acse 1153/tcp ANSI C12.22 Port c1222-acse 1153/udp ANSI C12.22 Port # [RFC-c1222-transport-over-ip-07.txt] resacommunity 1154/tcp Community Service resacommunity 1154/udp Community Service # Stphane MONS August 2005 health-polling 1161/tcp Health Polling health-polling 1161/udp Health Polling health-trap 1162/tcp Health Trap health-trap 1162/udp Health Trap sddp 1163/tcp Smart Dialer Data Protocol sddp 1163/udp Smart Dialer Data Protocol # Lee Griffiths atc-lm 1170/tcp AT C License Manager atc-lm 1170/udp AT C License Manager # Peter Schfer February 2004 atc-appserver 1171/tcp AT C Fmi Application Server atc-appserver 1171/udp AT C Fmi Application Server # Peter Schfer February 2004 dnap 1172/tcp DNA Protocol dnap 1172/udp DNA Protocol # David Mc Laughlin dellwebadmin-1 1278/tcp Dell Web Admin 1 dellwebadmin-1 1278/udp Dell Web Admin 1 dellwebadmin-2 1279/tcp Dell Web Admin 2 dellwebadmin-2 1279/udp Dell Web Admin 2 # Bridget Navoda pictrography 1280/tcp Pictrography pictrography 1280/udp Pictrography # Takashi Hoshino jwalkserver 1289/tcp JWalk Server jwalkserver 1289/udp JWalk Server winjaserver 1290/tcp Win Ja Server winjaserver 1290/udp Win Ja Server seagulllms 1291/tcp SEAGULLLMS seagulllms 1291/udp SEAGULLLMS # Lee Breisacher alta-ana-lm 1346/tcp Alta Analytics License Manager alta-ana-lm 1346/udp Alta Analytics License Manager bbn-mmc 1347/tcp multi media conferencing bbn-mmc 1347/udp multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/tcp multi media conferencing bbn-mmx 1348/udp multi media conferencing sbook 1349/tcp Registration Network Protocol sbook 1349/udp Registration Network Protocol editbench 1350/tcp Registration Network Protocol editbench 1350/udp Registration Network Protocol # Simson L.

* ************************************************************************ WELL KNOWN PORT NUMBERS The Well Known Ports are assigned by the IANA and on most systems can only be used by system (or root) processes or by programs executed by privileged users. Clifford Neuman opc-job-start 423/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start opc-job-start 423/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start opc-job-track 424/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track opc-job-track 424/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track # Conny Larsson ddm-rdb 446/tcp DDM-Remote Relational Database Access ddm-rdb 446/udp DDM-Remote Relational Database Access ddm-dfm 447/tcp DDM-Distributed File Management ddm-dfm 447/udp DDM-Distributed File Management # Steven Ritland creativeserver 453/tcp Creative Server creativeserver 453/udp Creative Server contentserver 454/tcp Content Server contentserver 454/udp Content Server creativepartnr 455/tcp Creative Partnr creativepartnr 455/udp Creative Partnr # Jesus Ortiz ticf-1 492/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-1 492/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-2 493/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA ticf-2 493/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA # Mamoru Ito exec 512/tcp remote process execution; # authentication performed using # passwords and UNIX login names comsat 512/udp biff 512/udp used by mail system to notify users # of new mail received; currently # receives messages only from # processes on the same machine login 513/tcp remote login a la telnet; # automatic authentication performed # based on priviledged port numbers # and distributed data bases which # identify "authentication domains" who 513/udp maintains data bases showing who's # logged in to machines on a local # net and the load average of the # machine shell 514/tcp cmd # like exec, but automatic authentication # is performed as for login server syslog 514/udp printer 515/tcp spooler printer 515/udp spooler videotex 516/tcp videotex videotex 516/udp videotex # Daniel Mavrakis talk 517/tcp like tenex link, but across # machine - unfortunately, doesn't # use link protocol (this is actually # just a rendezvous port from which a # tcp connection is established) talk 517/udp like tenex link, but across # machine - unfortunately, doesn't # use link protocol (this is actually # just a rendezvous port from which a # tcp connection is established) ntalk 518/tcp ntalk 518/udp utime 519/tcp unixtime utime 519/udp unixtime efs 520/tcp extended file name server router 520/udp local routing process (on site); # uses variant of Xerox NS routing # information protocol - RIP ripng 521/tcp ripng ripng 521/udp ripng # Robert E. Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical connections which carry long term conversations. Garfinkel ndm-requester 1363/tcp Network Data Mover Requester ndm-requester 1363/udp Network Data Mover Requester ndm-server 1364/tcp Network Data Mover Server ndm-server 1364/udp Network Data Mover Server # Toshio Watanabe # iclpv-dm 1389/tcp Document Manager iclpv-dm 1389/udp Document Manager iclpv-sc 1390/tcp Storage Controller iclpv-sc 1390/udp Storage Controller iclpv-sas 1391/tcp Storage Access Server iclpv-sas 1391/udp Storage Access Server iclpv-pm 1392/tcp Print Manager iclpv-pm 1392/udp Print Manager iclpv-nls 1393/tcp Network Log Server iclpv-nls 1393/udp Network Log Server iclpv-nlc 1394/tcp Network Log Client iclpv-nlc 1394/udp Network Log Client iclpv-wsm 1395/tcp PC Workstation Manager software iclpv-wsm 1395/udp PC Workstation Manager software # A. Hobson dvl-activemail 1396/tcp DVL Active Mail dvl-activemail 1396/udp DVL Active Mail audio-activmail 1397/tcp Audio Active Mail audio-activmail 1397/udp Audio Active Mail video-activmail 1398/tcp Video Active Mail video-activmail 1398/udp Video Active Mail # Avshalom Houri prm-sm-np 1402/tcp Prospero Resource Manager prm-sm-np 1402/udp Prospero Resource Manager prm-nm-np 1403/tcp Prospero Resource Manager prm-nm-np 1403/udp Prospero Resource Manager # B.

The contact port is sometimes called the "well-known port". To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the UDP [RFC768]. Port Assignments: Keyword Decimal Description References ------- ------- ----------- ---------- 1024/tcp Reserved 1024/udp Reserved # IANA October 2003 / February 2004 mtqp 1038/tcp Message Tracking Query Protocol mtqp 1038/udp Message Tracking Query Protocol # [RFC3887] sbl 1039/tcp Streamlined Blackhole sbl 1039/udp Streamlined Blackhole # Jonathan A. Clifford Neuman tlisrv 1527/tcp oracle tlisrv 1527/udp oracle # Unknown Contact # 1528 Unassigned (Returned 2007-10-04) coauthor 1529/tcp oracle coauthor 1529/udp oracle rap-service 1530/tcp rap-service rap-service 1530/udp rap-service rap-listen 1531/tcp rap-listen rap-listen 1531/udp rap-listen # Phil Servita miroconnect 1532/tcp miroconnect miroconnect 1532/udp miroconnect # Michael Fischer 49 531 21 13 0 virtual-places 1533/tcp Virtual Places Software virtual-places 1533/udp Virtual Places Software # Avshalom Houri gridgen-elmd 1542/tcp gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd 1542/udp gridgen-elmd # John R.DCCP Well Known ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration.The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9.The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151 DCCP Registered ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration.The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9. Galligher # 745-746 Unassigned fujitsu-dev 747/tcp Fujitsu Device Control fujitsu-dev 747/udp Fujitsu Device Control ris-cm 748/tcp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager ris-cm 748/udp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager kerberos-adm 749/tcp kerberos administration kerberos-adm 749/udp kerberos administration rfile 750/tcp loadav 750/udp kerberos-iv 750/udp kerberos version iv # Martin Hamilton # 755-756 Unassigned nlogin 758/tcp nlogin 758/udp con 759/tcp con 759/udp ns 760/tcp ns 760/udp rxe 761/tcp rxe 761/udp quotad 762/tcp quotad 762/udp cycleserv 763/tcp cycleserv 763/udp omserv 764/tcp omserv 764/udp webster 765/tcp webster 765/udp # Josyula R.

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