Late night adult dates

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Served almost until close (3am) Thursday to Saturday, Nouveau Palais's midnight menu includes cheese fries, pierogies, and cheeseburgers, all of which are deliciously comforting.

So if you and your date are more into Now, if burgers and pierogies aren't your thing (which confuses me, but hey, maybe you're ritzy like that) then French restaurant Leméac is another solid late night meal spot.

And the later the better, to ensure no one else is around to see you and your date let loose like kids.

Facebook Nothing makes people more comfortable and relaxed like a good laugh.

Offering a range of delectable French dishes (beef tartare, duck leg confit, grilled calamari, to name a few) to any guests who arrive after 10pm, Leméac is definitely the restaurant to head to if you want to wine and dine your date a little later in the night. It's not intimidating, prompts conversation, and there's a coffee to sip on when you run out of things to say.

Plus, you'll be walking towards an incredibly romantic view of the city, the perfect moment for a magical kiss under the night sky.That's totally cute and adorable, but after a while, constant board game nights at home can make you go a little stir crazy.So rather than just be hermits, take your board game night out of the house and head to Randolph's.Facebook On one night of the year, everyone in Montreal goes completely nocturnal for Nuit Blanche, the all-night art festival that takes over the city in late February.A part of the larger Montreal en Lumière festival, Nuit Blanche will be held on Saturday, Febuary 27th this year, with things going on literally everywhere in the city.

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