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I'm also worried about the slight chance of someone I know seeing me working in one of those clubs.I'm not sure it's something I could write on my CV either, so I'd probably just tell people I won the money in a competition.I'm not definitely going for it but it is a thought I've been having in my head for a while. And in particular is there anyone with experience in this with good advice for me?Networking is the most effective job search technique.Prostitution and porn are off limits though because I'm a virgin who doesn't believe in sex outside of a loving relationship (which I haven't been in before), and I also don't want to risk catching anything or feel dirty.

So I feel stuck I've been thinking about going down the route of getting a job in the adult industry for a while, just so I can save money to go abroad and work abroad if I have to.

The money seems really tempting and I may only have to work there very short time in order to earn the money I want to go travelling.

I'm just hesitant because it just seems like such a last resort going for these rather sleazy jobs.

In order to apply for one of our Chatline operator Jobs you will need: If you would like to discuss with us about our Chatline opportunities, you can contact our friendly team who will answer any of your questions.

You can contact us using the following telephone numbers: UK HEAD OFFICE: 01604 824290 AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220 (option 3) USA: 347-943-0209 (option 3) CANADA: 647-313-3077 (option 3) FRANCE: 0444 880477 (option 3) SPAIN: 911 232 629 (option 3) GREECE: 2 (option 3) Applying is really easy and quick.

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